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Ramblings about Tonight

Tonight I looked up at the sky, many people do that at night for different reasons; my reason is to prove to myself that I dare to.

As I looked for the big dipper a satellite passed by, I followed it until I could see it no longer. It traveled towards the lighter part of the heavens, I couldn't see it any longer.

'How lovely this sky is' I caught myself thinking 'my home-sky'. As if there is a difference in skies, but then again it feels like that. The air tonight was clear and blue, trees rustled and sang and everything smelled just right, earth and sea and night. The sky here is not like any other, not better or worse, but different, familiar.

Night skies like this, with not a cloud to obscure the stars, reveals your life so clearly, what you cherish and aspire to are reflected by the heavens into your eyes and leaves one eager and at peace all at once.
I think I know my priorities at day, what I think I want, what mark I will leave behind as proof of my existence in such a awesome universe. I found something new in these home skies tonight, that I do want to carry on a small piece of the universe myself.

Tonight smelled just right, and for a moment I was home.


First meme for me, snatched from the unruly claws of ulvarmarson . Many thanks!
(Now I don't claim to own much in this world, but the people of Greenwood are... the property of Midas actually, but on this plane I'm the only protector and spokesperson for this bunch of loonies so MINE! Harr harr!)
Enjoy the madness!

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I'm back baby!
Out or the dreary shadowy chasms of depressive shait, I have arisen from the loathsome abyss of emotional oblivion!
My life is still laughably pathetic and my attempts at social acceptance will ever end in failure, my feelings are still much like my speach pattern; confusing and annoying, but I'm back!

Gosh darn it I feel giddy! *dances like a Brietard*

Ah! I love the smell of optimism in the evening, Christmas is only a couple of hours away and I'm living on the brink of poverty, but hey! Christmas right *glee*
I need a new job, seriously! you guys, seriously!
My head swims with dancing cheerleaders wearing their minuscule green and purple Malin-uniforms "GO MALIN!" they yell "DO YOUR BEST!" they scream with infinite devotion "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!"
Ah! I enjoy this little pep-rally, I watch them dance, dance just for me, and I have only one thing to tell ya it's good to be queen!

Poem written too late in the evening

Midnight Lullaby

It's late, or very early.
I should be sleeping, I have work in the morning and I spent all day throwing up.
But instead I'm sitting here listening to Tom Waits' "midnight lullaby" thinking about everything.
Today was strange, I felt queasy at work and had to go home just after a few hours. It was windy today and the trees were stripped throwing yellow leaves all over the place. My coffee tasted a bit like cinnamon and I ate dry biscuits to make me feel better.
I'm going to regret being up this late when I wake up tomorrow morning, ulvarmarson is going to be cross with me for not going to bed at sensible hours but she forgot to buy me a lollipop even when she promised so hah!



As ulvarmarson has already stated we're moving! Lucky us! Ah it's going to be so good to live "alone" again. Well my best friend is moving in with me, but she doesn't really count as people. I have peace and quiet to look forward to, time to work on my book maybe...

Hopefully I'll have money to pay for the first rent (and the others as well for that matter), *crosses fingers* it'll be fine I'm sure.


The Fight Against Monday Blues

Mondays are horrible! You just know its going to be a bad day when your breakfast porridge explodes in the microwave and you best friend then proceeds to mock and laugh. To add insult to injury I forgot my smokes and had only dry scraps of tobacco to feed my habit with at work. I also forgot my lunch money and that's all the money I have for the next four days, how am I supposed to get to work? Its either food or money for the bus... hmmm decisions decisions...
Also, my brain decided to be in a philosophical mood, a gloomy philosophical mood at that, and realizing that your life sucks and that you spent you childhood bored and miserable is a rotten train of thoughts to be on. Especially on a Monday.

Technically it isn't Monday anymore, so naturally I feel a bit better. But I have work tomorrow so I'm not besides myself with joy. Writing on my story long into the night is one of my favorite things until I realize I have to get up early in the morning.
Must sleep now. Away with thee demons of Monday gloom, thou shalt not feast upon my fringed and frail mind! I banish thee back to the melancholy pit from whence thou came, mine prospects for the morrow shall not be painted blue by thine low spirits! Back I say!

Say NO to emo kids! *dramatic brave hero pose* And don't do drugs!


Ah my favorite avatar is finally being put to good use! One of my favorite Harry Potter characters played by one of my favorite actors...
I could do naughty things to that man, but it is better left unsaid^^;
For now let us bask in his snarky glow XD
(...I want shiny hair like that too...)